Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'm sore!

I know, I'm such a whiner, right? But it's true. Yesterday caught up to me and I had a long but fun day baking with the ladies and now I regret my "tired" proclamation from yesterday.

The only exercise I did was hauling my Kitchenaid mixer and about 83 pounds of other stuff to my apartment building's party room and back. But it was hard work. All of that hard work was canceled out by sampling all of the treats, but sometimes you gotta just go for it.

Here's a pic of some Somali cake a wonderful lady made.

Oh, and the apple pie that didn't turn out crazy-ugly!

Well, the baking thing was an event for Muslim sisters as part of an organization I volunteer with so that should count as an Islamic social activity. Also, we found out at the end of the event that our qabeelat (tribe/student body) for AlMaghrib Institute, Qabeelat Madinatayn, won the coveted Liwaa' Cup, an annual award for the best qabeelat. AlMaghrib Institute is the university that sends its instructors to cities all over the world to teach their insanely popular classes. I have taken all 6 classes offered here since they formed the qabeelat in 2010.

I think we should win every year for the most creative qabeelat name, Madinatayn, which means "Two Cities" in Arabic, for the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. It's cool.

You can fit a LOT of mango juice in this cup!

Congratulations to the Ameer and Ameera, to the many dedicated volunteers, and to the students for making Qabeelat Madinatayn the best of 2011!!

Thanks for understanding about my lame efforts on all fronts. I promise this week will be better once I recover.

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  1. Yum desserts!!

    I understand you not mentioning the scent of... I'm stopping now. :)