Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Apparently I have lived by a lake for nearly two years without knowing it. I don't mean within a short driving distance. I mean one block away. I feel like I just got Punk'd or something. Of course I didn't have my phone for once in my life so I can't show you a picture. You will just have to believe me. More about this under "Exercise".

Google Maps got my back. 

Stumble along aimlessly through life with me ...

It was 72 degrees and just absolutely perfect today. Even the whiniest of whiners probably couldn't find anything wrong with this beautiful spring afternoon. Maybe the pollen's up or something, I don't know—I wasn't looking for any reason to complain.

Anyway I had to take advantage of the California conditions so after I got home I did what any sensible person would do and walked around my neighborhood for the first time since I moved here in July of 2010. I mainly wanted to prove to myself that there was no real reason to do this before to absolve the guilt brought on by my (former) slovenly attitude toward life.

I went past the SuperAmerica (no beauty there), took a right down a pretty much dead-end street since there aren't any sidewalks in this weirdo suburb, and after about a block saw some wooden stairs coming out of the trees. A lady jogger bounded up the stairs with two pink hand weights and gave me a look that said, "YOU'RE not out in broad daylight in a sports bra ... you must be in the wrong place." I followed her back down the stairs in defiance and BAM!! There was an adorable little lake staring me in the face. It's more of a pond really, one of those fake suburban lakes that apartment buildings make so they can advertise a "lake view", but it's still really cute. There are trees around it. And ducks in it. Si Jolie!

I think I will visit again tomorrow and watch the sun set.

Health Tip of The Day: Explore your surroundings! There might be a lake in your backyard. Or a cute little walking bridge (see "Getting to know you" from March). Or something else! Don't go two years without at least smelling the lilacs in your neighborhood. They are nice.


Since I am trying to learn the first of five surahs (Al-Ma'un from yesterday's post), I practiced on the phone today with my hadith-and-Quran-study-buddy-intern-student-driver extraordinaire. I don't know what it is about her—she's a natural teacher and really good at helping me get how to read correctly rather than just memorize and recite (my old gimmick). My regular Quran teacher is great too, but she's having a baby soon and has been out sick. Please make dua for her!

I didn't want to leave y'all totally hanging here so for a little fun, here's a link I found on a friend's google status. It's one of those kinetic typography thingers and it's about Jannah (Paradise). It's pretty cool.

Now that we're on the topic, here's an awesome one I found afterward. It's not a poem, but an animation of a portion of a lecture. I love how they animated even the little slip-ups of the speaker and everything. So clever.

What do you think? Do these types of things help concepts/stories stick in your head? Please share other tools that you find to be beneficial.

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