Thursday, April 12, 2012

Don't judge.

I can be really judgmental. Like right now, I am looking down my nose at for saying it's either "judgmental" or "judgemental" which I know they did just to please the people who kept complaining that the correct version just didn't "look right". Those pushovers!

But part of my self-improvement will come from tackling these faults in addition to my health issues and lack of Islamic knowledge. So I gotta try to work on this.

Even Judge Reinhold knows there are two sides to every story.

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I happened to run across this lecture by accident because I couldn't find the ones I wanted to watch on my phone's YouTube app and I was too lazy to get the real computer out before exercising (irony noted). It's from Abdul Nasir Jangda, the teacher of this weekend's Bayyinah Institute class on Meaningful Prayer that I am taking. I thought I would give him another plug here and I want to get amped for the class. The lecture is titled "Avoid judging others" and has lots of good stories packed into just 16+ minutes:

It's a great little video which starts with a story about Prophet Musa (Moses), peace be upon him, and how he was judged by Pharoah for an accidental crime committed during his youth. Then he mentions a very touching story about how the Prophet didn't judge even the worst among his people (the story is pretty gruesome too!). He ends with a personal story of how he met a brother whose story proved that our past does not always define our future, but it is an important part of it.

May Allah make me among those who treat people with fairness, kindness, and without prejudgment.

It will be especially hard in cases of vocabulary-related infractions, but I will forge ahead and take my reward for struggling against my inner self [insert groan and eye roll here, adding a "wow" if you are really disgusted].


Ha! I published this post without the exercise part. Oops. I worked out on the elliptical machine for 16 minutes while watching the above video then I stretched my arms and legs the rest of the time. There.

Health Tip of the Day: While it's good to take it down a notch sometimes (see last post), it's also good to challenge yourself in short spurts every once in a while. Today I upped my speed in increments on the elliptical machine just to keep it interesting and to get my heart really going. Try running up the stairs once at work or chase your kids around the block instead of walking with them. It probably won't kill you since I am still alive and typing.


  1. Did you know Judge Judy wrote a children's book? Yup. I made my kids read it after I laughed at it because it ended up being kind of good.

    1. What was the takeaway? Was it just the one book? I need to look this up for some Swagbucks and laughs.

  2. So...I just spent 25 minutes typing out this story on my phone, cuz I too was too lazy to get out the real computer, only to get to the end and realize I just accidently hit the back button on my phone and lost it all. Good think I type 100 wpm so this won't take so long, but I KNOW it won't be near as funny...that stuff only comes out right the first time!

    So this morning was sooo beautiful here! I was sitting on my couch around 11:25 thinking I COULD sneek in another episode of SUPERNATURAL, or I could go for a walk. I decided to suit up and head out.

    I was extremely sick for 3 weeks and quit going to the gym. It is nearing the end of (gulp) week five of zero exercise! I need to go back, bad!

    So as I left my building and headed for the sidewalk I was trying to decide where I could walk so as to be seen by the least people I know while wearing a sports bra! I know...lame. But then I got a great idea! I'm going to walk down Lee Blvd hill and back. If Mom can walk to Walgreens and home, I can do this!. So I head down, blaring some Offspring through my headphones and think, "This really feels good!" By time I reached the bottom of the hill I was rocking; I was feeling amazing! Then I turned around. It looks a LOT steeper standing at the bottom. I get myself all pumped up and head back up. About ten steps later I realized it was half-dollar sized blister time on my heel and I was not happy. 1/4 of the way up my shins were hurting, back was aching and my lungs were ANGRY!!! I realize this was NOT a good idea.

    Gratefully, I'm not the only person this has happened to, clearly, since they conveniently installed a bench half way up! There is zero other reason for this bench to be there. It is actully pretty scary to sit on because you get to watch cars scream up the hill, coming directly at you, until they finally break for the curve right in front of your face. Just to make you feel better, I think, they installed a wimpy little light post right in front of the bench. I know this thing will not stop a car, but some people might be comforted...I am not fooled.

    I decide I can tackle the rest of the hill and just when I start out again, I look up to see a woman coming down the hill towards me. It took every fiber of my being to not scream, "DON'T DO IT!!!"

    I started to sing along to the music and stared at my feet so I wouldn't be psyched out by how much of the hill was left and made it to the top fairly quickly. Luckily, the city of North Mankato was kind enough to also install a water fountain at the top of the hill too. Thanks for looking out for those of us who do stupid stuff like traverse that hill on foot.

    I literally stumbled into my apartment and collapsed on my bed only to have the alarm I set for when I need to get ready for work go off.

    The upside: I felt soooo GOOD this afternoon. My body was grateful for the exercise and I was full of more energy than I've had in months! Thanks for being inspirational Jessi...we all need it. I will try to share more, less lengthy stories of my own self-improvement adventures from time to time. Keep up the good work! Love you!!!

  3. LOL this is awesome and making my day. The mental image of you on one of the busiest streets in N. Kato in your sports bra nursing a blister while doubled over trying to breathe is just too much. It's like when I wore Bobbie's 8-Ball jacket to be cool and fell for no reason in the middle of the intersection on Riverfront Dr. on my way to SA. So tragically funny!

    The idea of 11:15 as morning is also comical, mostly because that's about when my day starts since I work the "late shift" here. I know you have kids and you are up earlier but not me. People call at 9:00 and sometimes I'm still in bed!

    Keep up the awesome work—four weeks out of the gym is better than 4 years. We can all get back in the saddle if we just push down those Netflix urges and tie up the tennies.

    Love you too!!

    p.s. Readers: This is my little sis. She's hilarious. I hope she starts blogging too :)