Saturday, April 28, 2012

On your feet!

Every time I move, I have a new appreciation for mothers, domestic workers, janitors, and basically everyone else who works hard all day long with very little reward. Today was no exception. Though I officially move tomorrow, the real work was done today. Mostly by my sister because she is a go-getter and I was wandering around the apartment taping little baggies of hardware to things so I wouldn't have to search for the right screws when I want to hang curtain rods. My mom was helping too, wiping down the mini-blinds, cleaning a year of gunk off the front of my kitchen cabinets, and generally eradicating my nonsense with about 72 Clorox wipes. I do not care about the environment while I am moving. It's just a fact.

I should get her pharmacist's number. 

There's more writing ahead.

You know where this is going. Since I was cleaning, packing, hauling, walking, reaching, etc all day, I feel I got more than enough exercise in. I wasn't about to stop the whole operation and do 20 minutes on the elliptical machine. That would just be nuts. And sometimes I can control my nuttiness. 

There's not much else to say here. I am so grateful for my mom and sister spending their whole Saturday and most of Sunday coming up to help me. We also got to do a lot of chit-chatting and commiserating which usually doesn't happen when everyone else is around. It's been nice.

(Mental) Health Tip of The Day: Try to carve out some quality time with a friend or family member that you don't often get to see. Make it away from the regular holidays and get-togethers and just hang out. Don't watch TV or look at your phone/computer for 12 whole hours. You will like it, I promise.


Since I am missing Arabic class for the move tomorrow, I practiced my regular ayahs (verses) in Surah Al-Baqarah. Right now we are in the 50s. I read 51-56 and boy, there are some tough ones in there! This is still the story of Moses and Pharoah/the Children of Israel for the most part. For some reason the Arabic is getting tricky for me as new words come along. I'm getting better at reading new verses I haven't heard though, so that's a good sign. 

Apology: Hey guys, I'm sorry this blog entry was a little boring. I promise there will be some silly antics tomorrow that will make for a good story. Today is just about getting the work done so I kind of phoned this one in, but hey, it's Saturday night. Live it up and catch some Arrested Development on Netflix!

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  1. we will excuse your boringness and look forward to exceedingly humourous antics. mom