Friday, April 6, 2012


Today was pretty rough. I won't lie and say I had absolutely no time for real exercise or Islamic studies but I will say for the first time since I started this project, I had no energy for either and couldn't talk myself into it. However in the interest of never-not-posting (huh?) here's a kinda sorta recap so I don't get in trouble with the authorities, whoever they are.

It's not like this lady is gonna ticket me for shoddy blogging or anything.

I did some quasi-Islamic things like visiting a sister in the hospital, helping another practice her driving/parking again, and other random bits here and there, but nothing I could really call "studies". I guess I am just going to have to live with it because it's nearly midnight and I am exhausted. Ladies get to have a day or two every month like this where they get home at 9:45 p.m. and just collapse into laziness.


I did have plenty of physical activity today but it was all against my will. I carried a 65 lb box of t-shirts for a spell, cleaned the office (ok, no one held a gun to my head but there was some guilt involved) which included vacuuming the whole place, wiping out the fridge, and a lot of schlepping of stuff.

To cap it all off, an entire 5-gallon Culligan water bottle fell and busted open, flooding the (carpeted) floor before I was done cleaning. I traded in the Dirt Devil for a 10-gallon ShopVac borrowed from the building manager and had to spring into damage-control mode. My back hurt after about 5 minutes so I made the boss's son help. He's on spring break from high school but that doesn't exempt him from volunteering. After all the hustling of moving everything so it wouldn't get soaked, sucking up the water, stomping on towels to get the leftover water up and generally running around for about an hour, I feel I did enough to get a pass for today.

I hope you agree.

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  1. You did indeed do Islamic studies!

    You did a real life analysis of a sahih hadith from Aby Hurairah:

    The Prophet (saws) said: “The rights of one Muslim over another Muslim are six.” Someone asked, “What are they?” He replied:
    “When you meet him you greet him with salaam (peace),
    when he invites you, you accept his invitation,
    when he consults you in a matter, you give him sincere advice,
    when he sneezes and praises Allah, you ask Allah to have mercy on him, when he is sick, you visit him and when he passes away you accompany him [you join in his janazah (funeral)].”

    And your t-shirt shlepping, dirt sucking, water mopping was a lot of exercise. The Internets tell me that just 30 minutes of cleaning burns at least 100 calories. But you do much more at work because you help feed the most hungry people known to the planet, every day. Don't tell me there is no Islam in that, chica!