Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Night Bytes

That's the name of my new computer club. You can join but you gotta bring your own mini-screwdriver (not a drink) and 4 GB of RAM for the donation box. Also, the door password is 1Up4mAri0&1uIgi so you better have it memorized when you get to the keypad made out of a graphing calculator taped to the door.

Just kidding. I don't really know anything about the computers but sometimes a joke wins over reality. My buddy knows a thing or two (She's been C-prompting since before you were BORN, son!) but we usually just trash-talk PCs and try to get as much out of our aging Macbooks as possible since they are darned spendy.

Name the movie reference and get a free Slurpee coupon to use in another state.

The giveaways on my blog are not going to be as good as Pioneer Woman's.

What the heck does the intro to this post have to do with Islam and exercise? Nothing really. Except that I was thinking about how intertwined my computer and the Internets are with this project. I mean, typically, Islam and exercise are not things you traditionally would associate with computers. But things change. Now you can get the entire Saheeh Bukhari online, read Quran in like 97 different languages (or more, I don't know) and learn to yoga dance from crazy ladies on YouTube. It's pretty cool but not without its pitfalls. Be careful out there, people!

But since today has been pretty awesome all around, I don't want to be a downer and bring up the horrors of the Internet. So I will make both sections about the wonders of the computer as they relate to my self-improvement. Enjoy.

This one's kind of a no-brainer. Exercise, especially if done inside and on a stationary piece of equipment like my elliptical machine, can be pretty mind-numbing. Why not kill your brain cells all the way with some TV? One of my not-so-admirable habits is watching 30 Rock. I mean, I can quit any time, but it just keeps getting BETTER! This week's show was 100% live again (I think for the second time) and they were just on the ball. It was good. Let's just say the 20 minutes went by like THAT. Thank you Hulu, Century Link, and Apple.


To cleanse away the ridiculous remnants of Jack Donaghy and Liz Lemon stuck in your head (or to polish your clean brain if you never watched 30 Rock in the first place), why not learn some Quran? A few of my friends use a website called House of Quran to learn and I tried it out today. It's not the prettiest and it takes some futzing around to get the settings right, but it's pretty good for learning verse-by-verse. It's even helpful for people who can't read the Arabic since it reads it out loud and gives you time to repeat. On this site, you can set the number of times you want them to repeat the verse or word and the speed based on your level. There are several different script and reciter options too, which is helpful. 

I'm pretty smooth in reading Surah Al-Ma'un (first of 5 new surahs before Ramadan) and I have some of it memorized already after just a few days. I think I should have no problem making this goal with the help of Allah and your encouragement. If you have another way that helps you learn to read Quran, do tell! 


  1. Quran Explorer provides the same options too, try it if you have not yet!

    1. Thanks Reham! And I am glad you're addicted. This means my plan is working :)