Friday, April 20, 2012

Productive Muslim.

I'm moving in a week, for the sixth time in eight years. That means everything I should have done last week hasn't been started yet (see my intro post to this blog project). However, this time I am determined to not totally blow it and end up killing myself on the last two days and starting life in my new home without Internet, which happens every time. So I scheduled the Century Link transfer, booked the movers (College Muscle Movers this time, I'll let you know), and tonight I am spending my Friday evening packing among other things.

This handy chart will help you organize your pre-move clean and become homicidal.

Don't go yet! I also did ISLAM and EXERCISE!

I'll be brief. I did 12 minutes on the elliptical with "Bringing up Buster" because apparently I need to re-watch Season One of Arrested Development. I didn't know that before but I guess it's true. When my foot couldn't take it anymore, I got off and did a short resistance band workout and the standby "touch your toes" type of stuff. I like stretching!

Health Tip of The Day: Don't read Joy the Baker, even though I link to her blog at the right. It's hazardous to your health. I made this mistake and now I am already planning on making the Coffee Coffee Cake Muffins from a couple of days ago. I will be making them for my mom and sister who are helping me move, but still. I will probably eat at least two. I do what I want!


Today's post title is brought to you by the ├╝ber-cool people at It's pretty self-explanatory but what I really like are their awesome animations on how to be more productive (or just a better person) through simply practicing Islam. One of my favorites is this one on getting up for fajr (the dawn prayer) which was their very first in the series, as you can tell by the quality:

This one's also great and really relevant for Ramadan, which is coming up in less than three months! The animation gets a lot better here.

These animations are fun, simple, and to the point. They could probably help kids and teens learning about Islam. I kinda wish I could make these myself, but I went to art school—I know how much work, time, and grueling patience goes into being an animator. Those kids didn't sleep for four years when I was there! Good thing I was an Advertising Design major.

If you have any tips on how to be more productive or if you just want to share your own struggles with gettin' 'er done (homage to dad there), please lemme have 'em!

Off to pack 3 more boxes before bed.

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  1. That flow chart raised by BP just reading it.