Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gal Pals and Bromance

It was a really busy and stressful day at work. I won't bore you with the details. Let's just say I had to pack a lot of stuff into about 6.5 hours during which I barely stood up from my chair.

I designed a t-shirt today, but it wasn't this one.
There is supposed to be a jump here...

After this crazy day, I took a friend up on the offer to come over for a walk and dinner at her place. She had to go to the BRAND NEW Menard's near her house that was just built in the same location where the old Menard's was torn down, so we decided to walk there for our exercise. I also won't bore you with my rant on how Menard's insists on continuing to use their terrible, ugly, offensive-to-people-with-eyes branding system after all this time. You can call me on the phone and I will share it with you.

What I WAS impressed with was the player piano flanked by gracefully inclined airport-like-moving walkways that take you up to the bath fixtures and camping gear and back down to the "weird food section" where we got some wonderful treats. Here's what I bought:

  +  + = HUH?

By the way, that is nacho flavored 'cheese zip' and it's by the good people at Old Fashioned Foods. Isn't Menard's the best? I will let you know how the salmon cakes I plan to make with item #1 turn out.

I realize this part of the post is seeming to be more about food and other oddities than exercise, but how much can you really say about walking down a frontage road and over the freeway bridge and back? Not a lot. We did argue about walk signals and pedestrian's rights but that's private.


I watched a nice lecture from one of my favorite AlMaghrib instructors, Sh. Yasir Birjas, on friendship called "I love you man, for the sake of Allah". It's so cute when he uses tech analogies to relate to the kids like 'downloading blessings from Allah' etc. Main takeaway: Real friends are rare gems—you must work to identify who they are and cultivate your relationship with them.

Here's the vid:


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  1. Have you noticed how Menard's has the strangest sales? "Save 6%!" Why 6?? My cousin's husband calls it 'Nards, but I just can't say that out loud.