Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's late.

Or at least it feels late. I'm tired. I've been on my feet for 6 hours at an event in the community where the nonprofit I work for had a booth. We call it "Tablesitting" but ironically, there are never chairs so you end up standing all day.

Thus my post will be super-short. And I don't mean like normally when I say it will be short but I am just kidding and it's 14 paragraphs.

Here we go.

The event I attended was Palestine Day, an annual evening of Palestinian culture, poetry, and speakers etc talking about the issues of that country (you know what they are). It wasn't really an Islamic event but pretty much everyone there was Muslim (maybe 800 people) so there were Islamic elements. Also I did so much Islam yesterday I am giving myself a pass.

Just so I can have an image here, this is one of my favorite vintage posters. It's not only beautiful, but it's historically interesting because the Zionists used this as advertising in the '30s to attract Jews to move to Israel. Oddly enough, their famous slogan was "A land without people for a people without a land." This kinda kills that notion, doesn't it?

Who built all that stuff anyway?


Another sister and I walked outside around the event venue and back, which was at least 20 minutes for sure. It was held at what I call a "fancy school" with like 3 sets of tennis courts, a pristine ball field and a fake pond (culvert) complete with 2 real geese. It was overcast and chilly but a nice walk.
There, that's it. I am going to eat a mango, pray Ishaa, and go to bed.

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