Sunday, March 25, 2012

Up, down. Repeat.

Today was long, but fun. And hard. But rewarding and relaxing. As well as frustrating. It was just a lot of hours, one after another.
OMG I just realized it's a girl and she's wearing hijab!!

I just got home at about 9:30 and was fake-cleaning my bathroom so my apartment can be shown tomorrow when I suddenly stood up, saw myself in the mirror and said, "My blog!". I tried to spring into action to fit some exercise in but it didn't pan out.

Let's start at the beginning and recap some of the highs and lows of today (Islam portion is 12:45-3p.m. I won't bore you with the details):

6:15   Prayed fajr, songbirds chirping outside window :)
7:45   Those OTHER birds started with their squawking :(
9-10   Breakfast, baked a Somali cake for a potluck :)
11:45  Un-Bundted cake from pan. Cake was STUCK :(
11:56  Brushed off bits of busted crust, left for class :)

12:45  Read Quran for final and didn't burst into tears :)
1:45   Recited 4 hadith, only blanked on two words :O   :)   B-)
2:00   Started Quran translation/analysis final. Doom sets in. :(
2:30   How could this be taking so long? I feel STUPID :'(
2:45   Who brought a SCREAMING BABY to their Arabic final?? >:(
3:25   Whatever, I'm done. :/
4:00   Potluck. Afghani pizza, Somali cake, gulab jamun :)
9:30   Got home. Realized I hadn't exercised yet :(
10:00  Tried to blow up exercise ball—it's not tall enough for me :(
10:15  Worn out after wrestling with vacuum cleaner to fill ball :(
10:30  Decided that today is just not happening. Meh.

All in all, if you tally it up, the day probably comes in at 'Neutral', which is okay by me. It's 11:00 and I am actually ready for bed, which is like, a dream-come-true.

Here's to letting go of control once in a while and crawling into bed just because you can. 

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