Monday, March 26, 2012

Never give up hope.

Today, the old me would have skipped this whole exercise and Islam thing when she realized her laptop charger was at work and the battery was about to die. But that was a week ago and this is now!
Instead, I said "No. I have a phone with a data plan and the Blogger app. This is happening!"

It's good to have determination.
There used to be Comic Sans on this picture but I cropped it out because I am determined to never use that font. 

I didn't have much time when I finally got home today after visiting a friend in the hospital and before editing papers for another, so I just decided to watch a Nouman Ali Khan video. The first one that popped up was called Never Give Up Hope and was great. He talked about how we can't belittle Allah's power to forgive by saying "I'm too bad/far away from Islam to be forgiven". No one is ever beyond forgiveness if they just ask, even Bani Israel, the Children of Israel, who forgot Allah's miracles which saved them from Pharoah,  worshipped the golden calf, and complained about the food that came down from the sky... They could have asked for forgiveness but were too arrogant. Let us not be among them.


People who know me and know my family are well aware of our insomnia issues. My dad, sister and I all take hours to fall asleep no matter how tired we are. My dad has restless legs (trust me, you would know it's real if you ever slept in a camper with him). My mom has sleep apnea. I seem to have a bit of both and roll around until about 3 a.m. pretty much every night. My mind races with all the stresses of the day and I really can't turn it off.

So I decided to turn to Dr. YouTube tonight and searched "Exercises to relax before bed." This great video popped up called "Stretch out stress and restless leg relief" and it seemed like this lady was talking just to me. It was only 14 min but that's ok. It felt so good to do these exercises and the best part is, you do them in bed. BONUS!!

I will let you know how it worked out tomorrow. For now, you can try it yourself.

Health tip of the day: Be vigilant about getting sleep. It's not good enough to just say you have insomnia or you are too busy to go to bed etc and accept the health consequences.

Never give up hope!!!

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