Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Revert Tuesday!

Today's post features three amazing reverts to Islam. Why do we say "revert" instead of "convert"? Here's a multiple-choice-style way of telling you the answer:

A) "Convert" sounds too much like "convict" and we have enough of those to easily get confused.

B) "Convert" is 3/4 of the way to "Convertible" and those cars are haraam.

This is just not ok, people.

C) Everyone is born upon the Fitrah, or innate belief in the Creator (Allah). It just gets changed by parents and other influences sometimes. When we accept Islam (submission to Allah), we are just reverting back to our natural state. BINGO!

I'll start here today since that lead-in is really appropriate for this post. Who knows how I stumble upon these particular videos but this is one of those that everyone forwards around and posts on facebook and is always telling me to watch but I have never gotten around to it. Now tonight I wasn't even looking for a conversion/reversion story and it showed up when I was looking in the YouTubes.

This brother tells a really common story of looking for the truth, finding inconsistencies or holes in other religions, and then finally coming to Islam. This wasn't my path, but I know a lot of people who reverted after a journey like this. Their stories aren't this funny though. Watch and enjoy! [Disclaimer: It gets cut off at the end but it's the longest version I could find. You still get the full story though.]

BTW I'd love to see your own brief revert story in the comments for this post (or links to longer versions on another site). Even more than that, I would be so grateful to hear from people who have reverts in their family/friend circles—what was it like when they accepted Islam and how do you feel about it now? THANKS!!



Today I went walking with my two bestest friends. They will get mentioned a lot in this blog and already have been. I was taking a pic of them as they walked away with the double stroller after our little jaunt and The One Who is Always Cracking Up started cracking up and we get a glimpse of her face. I think its ok—I'm pretty sure they are the only regular readers of this blog anyway!

You can get your taxes done near where I work!

All three of us are Minnesota-born-and-raised-white-lady reverts. Our stories are all very different from each other, and we're constantly amazed that Allah has brought us so far from our respective upbringings while allowing us to hold on to our roots in so many ways. Alhamdulillah. All praise is due to Allah.

Back to the walk. It was super-windy and I was wearing a big flowy scarf that kept getting wrapped around my head (yes, I know it's already wrapped around my head!) but we still had a very nice time. The two lil' boys in the stroller were good too. No whining until I suggested we pick up a pine cone and give it to the 2 year-old. We need to add that to the list of things he's scared of along with caterpillars.

Health Tip of the Day: Walking with friends is a great way to blow off work for 20 minutes and you can make snarky comments about the state of people's yards and how they choose to paint their houses. [We all rent so we have extra fun with this].


  1. I never knew you are a blogger, I enjoyed your blog to the (boint) I read almost the month of March's posts. I am sure I will be a follower from now on. On a second note, I though I am your best friend :( We have to discuss this matter later when we meet!

  2. Lol Reham! Don't worry, you will always hold the top spot. You know Egyptians can't be conquered in the end! Anyway, these silly labels will never mean as much as our true friendship :p

  3. hi I walked for 30 min. today nice outside

  4. You go, mom! Keep it up, and thanks for the encouragement. :)

  5. how are we today I made a brick landscaping today will take pic tomorrow After breakfast tomorrow I am going to walk up to walgreens. I will be thinking of you. mom

  6. Mom you rock! I will post the landscaping pic if you send it to me. Everyone--my mom is also trying to be more active and is encouraging me through her accomplishments. Walgreen's is way uphill from her house... Go MaryJane!!!

  7. If UmmJessica made a landscaping and gardening blog, I'd be the first reader!

    I love this post. The convert-ible rocks Thelma!

  8. I hurt all over, guess I am way out of shape one day at a time

  9. hello honey how was your day

  10. It was great—I will be posting for today soon. Do you feel better now after being sore? I meant to write and encourage you to keep going but to take it easy too :) I was super sore after Sunday's bake-a-thon following standing all day on Saturday so I know the feeling.

    You gotta comment on some of my other posts too so we aren't just chatting on this one lol!

    1. I crack up reading your posts. You know you should get into stand up comedy. I volunteered for the second time yesterday. Dad didn't know what to do but he will survive!

    2. MOM! I am sooooo proud of you. Where are you volunteering? Is it at the food shelf? Don't worry, dad will probably learn some valuable life skills like "open the fridge" and "the pans are in the cupboard" if he gets too hungry while you're gone.

      GO MOM!!!!