Thursday, March 29, 2012

One ringy dingy and a yogi.

This post is for all of us. I watched a great lecture tonight by Kemal el-Mekki (Al-Maghrib teacher and daw'ah extraordinaire) called "Fiqh (Rulings) of Cell Phones". This will technically go under Islam but I don't want the non-Muslim readers to ignore this great advice. Especially the youngsters in the crowd. Sorry, but you whippersnappers are more likely to make a phone-pas than the young-elderly among us.

"Why don't you ever call me, man?"
Has anyone ever called you like, 9 times in a row because you don't pick up? Believe it or not, this is commonplace among the Muslim youth.

I won't say too much here because you can just watch the lecture, but I will acknowledge that most of this is common sense. However there are some good reminders of the etiquette (with Islamic references) that seems to have gone out the window with the flip phone. Find an hour to watch/listen to this and see if you are driving anyone bananas with your calling habits!


Because it was late once again by the time I got around to doing any exercise, I decided to finally try yoga for the first time. I don't mean like real yoga with the mat and the namaste etc, just some basic poses to stretch my muscles (they're under there, I promise!) and maybe help me relax and sleep like that "Stretch out stress" video I posted the other day. 

The best video I found was nice because it didn't have all of that yoga lingo that's so annoying and fakey sounding. The instructor was a Texan though, so it took a minute to get used to her drawl. The poses were easy but I got a lot of good stretches and I will definitely try to do them more often. It included Child's Pose, Downward Dog, and some leg stretches that I don't think had names. Very relaxing.

I would post the video but to be totally honest I just can't. She's wearing this extremely low tank top that she's basically falling out of and it's really not something I want to spread around. I don't believe she was trying to attract people with this outfit like some of the other videos on YouTube (it's disgusting, really, what's there disguised as fitness videos) but still, I don't want to promote and share anything that is so far out of my definition of modesty on this blog. I'm sure those who want to see things like this can find them without my help. 

Health Tip of the Day: If you haven't tried yoga, give it a shot! It's not as weird and complicated as you think. It's really just stretching with some funny names and maybe some bad music in the background. Once you learn the poses, you can disregard the names and the music!

Sorry, google search typo. 

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  1. It's not just the youth that call nine times, lol, ugh! I resent the idea that just because I have a cell phone I must always have it on my person: no.

    100 points for "phone-pas"!