Friday, May 4, 2012

Thirsty Thursday.

You wouldn't know it from how the day turned out all warm and sunny, but there was a crazy torrential downpour this morning that started the minute I walked out my door and stopped the minute I walked into the office. I'm not making that up. I almost took a photo from my balcony of the big, heavy, smoke-colored cloud pressing down on the historic buildings across the street, but I was late for work so I decided to get into my car before the rain came. I didn't. I don't know about where you live, but in Minnesota there are two kinds of drivers when it rains/snows/sleets: The nervous lady going 32 mph on the freeway in the right lane; and the Class-A Jerk in the red Audi flying by everyone and crossing lanes like he's playing air hockey. I think I am the only person who doesn't fall into one of these categories but I could be wrong. Maybe the others drive at different times.

Coulda used one of these on Lexington Avenue today.

Don't worry, Ruby Sue didn't get stuck or anything, but it was touch-and-go there for a while.

In a matter of about 2 hours, the rain had stopped, the sun came out, and it became a beautiful spring day, topping out at about 75 degrees. I decided at 3:45 that it was time to go get some groceries on my break since the fridge at my new place didn't come already stocked with food for some reason. I walked down to the cute little co-op about 4-5 blocks from work and came back with all the essentials, plus some treats like Lärabars in four different flavors. I walked the alley to avoid the busy street and since there were no trees, it got pretty hot in my winter-weight abaya and scarf, plus I had two bags to carry. I walked briskly though to keep my heart rate up and to make it back in time for my meeting with my boss. It was thirsty business!

Health Tip of the Day: Thirst is often confused for hunger. If you're feeling peckish in the afternoon, chug some water down and wait 5 minutes. Then have a snack based on your real hunger level.


This post has a real theme going so I will stick with it. I was listening to another episode of the seerah (life of the Prophet ) and this one was about his immediate family. Specifically about Abdul Muttalib, (the grandfather of Muhammad ﷺ) and the story of the well of zam-zam.

Abdul Muttalib was given the great honor and responsibility to re-establish the well of zam-zam (from the root for "abundant water"), which originally had sprung up when Ibrahim's (alayhi salaam) wife Haajer (radhi Allahu anha) was going back and forth between the mountains of Safa and Marwa looking for water. Ibrahim (alayhi salaam) had left them there in the desert on Allah's command and Haajer, knowing this was the will of Allah, bore their hardship with patience. Ismail was crying and pounding his feet on the ground and at one point Allah made the water come up out of the ground where his feet were striking it. 

The well was later covered by a tribe but the location was related to Abdul Muttalib in a dream and he was instructed to re-dig it. Armor and gold was found buried there as well, and he used the gold to build the gate for the Ka'ba. He also established the providing of zam-zam water to pilgrims who come for Hajj. This tradition has been continued to this day, and people continue to drink this water which was sent as a reward for Haajer's (radhi Allahu anha) patience and faith in Allah during her time of need.

Insha Allah one day I will make my Hajj and fulfill this important pillar of Islam. I can't wait to taste the sweetness of the zam-zam straight from the source. 

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