Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Life goes on.

Today I went back to work after my two whole days off for the move. It was a bit like I had been away longer (and I'm sure my neglected fish would agree). There were two new staff members having their first day at the office, and one of them, a woman about my age, sits with me instead of the guy who was in our space before. All of his stuff was in a box in the conference room. I guess everyone has to move at some point! The new girl is especially great so far. We're very alike on many levels—we both love office supplies, an organized environment (preferably equipped with Macs), and dark chocolate. I found out she's a personal trainer so while there's no way we could be compared on that front, maybe she could give me some pointers for the exercise portion of this project. Also she makes the third full-time woman in the office so the girls are totally dominating. Look out!

I get to be Lily Tomlin.

Turn the page to see if I poisoned anyone today.

After work I unloaded some more junk from my car, put some things in storage, then sat down to have some dinner. I was feeling pretty lazy but also very sore from all of the activity over the past three days. So I decided some yoga stretches would be a good way to work the tension out of my muscles. I did the child's pose/downward dog/foot-strap leg exercises I learned from a tarty southern belle yogi on YouTube. It felt great. At one point when I crossed a leg over my body to stretch the outside, I was like "DANG THAT BURNS!" which is just how it should be.

Health Tip of the Day: If you've been burning the candle at both ends and have stress or soreness in your muscles, stretching can really do the trick to release a lot of that pent-up energy. And it just FEELS GOOD while taking very little if no effort at all.

I was telling my mom about the "Stretch out stress and restless leg" video I posted a while back since my dad suffers from terrible restless leg syndrome. It's even starting to happen during the day while he sits. Mom—here's the video again (in two parts) if you think you could get him to give it a try:

Dad, if you're reading this, please try these stretches to see if it might help. And also, remember that dance you used to do to Dolly Parton's Apple Jack? Good times.


Since this is a more lighthearted post today and we're all about smiles now that I have gotten over the hard part of moving, I wanted to share this ridiculous and adorable video with you about the months in Islam. Because we follow a lunar calendar, we have different months that don't necessarily correspond with the Gregorian one used elsewhere. But there are still twelve. They aren't used widely in daily life, so not many Muslims even know them. I had to memorize these for my Arabic 3 or 4 class a while back, and oddly enough, this video helped a lot. The only hard part was reciting them to my teacher without singing the song. I had to play it in my head and then say the names like a normal person, which wasn't easy. But I passed!

Now, for your viewing pleasure (check out Dhul-khada pushing Shawwal out of the way!):

Obviously this doesn't take 20 minutes, so for the rest of my allotted time, I will read Quran before bed. I am ready to crash out hardcore tonight while listening to the lovely rainfall outside my open window. I hope you have a great night as well, whenever you read this.

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  1. That song is how I know the months too! Did you have trouble saying Ramadan only once!?! :)