Monday, May 21, 2012

Someone's got a case of the Mondays.

And by Mondays, I mean the most awesome day ever. Maybe not quite, but it was pretty good.

First I dropped off my car, Ruby Sue, at the dealership to say goodbye. We had 36 months of ups and downs together but it was time to part. Especially since I only had about 800 miles left on my lease allowance and those guys are NOT MESSING AROUND when you go over.

Ruby, I want to say thank you for the good times we had. You saved the whole office that one December when we drove like banshees through a blizzard, careening past stuck tow trucks; swerving madly around people trying to walk in the street (and not get run over by me); and speeding by bewildered rear-wheel-drive-vehicle owners who were left standing on the exit ramp wondering where they ever went wrong. Here's a hint: You bought a minivan that used to be a taxi. 

It's sad to say goodbye but things weren't always perfect and at some point, you have to admit that your value isn't going up. I wish you better days as a graduation gift for a B+ Concordia student.

You had me really worried when this happened last spring but we got through it together.

And another touching love story begins...

I got to work on time thanks to my girl who gave me a ride, and half the office was sick (sorry guys!). This allowed me to actually get a lot done. It's a good thing too, because at about 5:00 the driver of the transport truck bringing my new car called and said he was running a day early and was stopping by tonight! There was no getting any work done after that.

Like a preening husband waiting for his mail-order bride I texted friends to give them the news of her impending arrival. I hadn't seen her yet (I didn't want to look up pictures on the Internet and ruin it). You see, I am taking over the lease of my ex who is leaving the country and all I knew was the make and model along with the year. It's basically the same car we had as a lease when we were married so I knew what I was getting into. Also I'm getting a really good deal and he's not stuck paying for a car he can't drive so everyone wins.

The truck arrived right on schedule and I was swooning. I had a coworker accompany me to retrieve the car in case I got too excited and missed a detail such as an absent windshield or dead deer in the backseat, or both. When you're all hopped up on New Car Smell you tend to be a little love-blind. 

I'm not going to post a picture of La Femme Nissan here yet. She's mine and I want to keep her to myself for a while. Just know that when you see a car in Minnesota with Oregon plates starting with the number "420" complete with a picture of a big green tree on them, it's not Willy Nelson although sometimes I do wear braids at home and I have red hair. The cops are gonna LOVE me.


I took some liberties with the rest of today's post because I haven't talked to you in a while and a new car is exciting. I'm also feeling much better despite some lingering dizziness and sinus pain. It could be worse though. Today I walked for exactly 22 minutes while yapping to my mom on the phone. She said she could tell I was out for a walk because I was huffing and puffing. That doesn't mean it was a power walk, it just means I'm out of shape. My 2013 goal: Walk on the phone without mom knowing!

Health Tip of The Day: Stir-frying up some tofu and fresh or frozen vegetables to put over rice or noodles is faster than waiting for the pizza guy. And it's extremely expensive to order pizza these days. I think you have to pay like $14 minimum here just to get some lukewarm bread with sauce and cheese brought to your door in 45 minutes. And then you have to deal with all of the regret of eating half of it by yourself. Bite the bullet and make your dinner. You'll have lunch for tomorrow and a sense of accomplishment that you don't have to throw away those green beans dying in the crisper. This HTOD is for childless people. If you have kids, I can't blame you for ordering pizza. You will work off the calories just chasing them down with the $37 chef's knife they left out in the sandbox.

I am not posting anything about Islam because I did 23 hours of Islam over the weekend. That's enough for one Monday's post and then some.

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  1. Love you, Ruby Sue! Thank you for being our super hero!