Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm still alive.

I know, I have been remiss. I knew this would happen at some point but it's a little too soon for my liking. Also I apologize that this post is picture- and humor-less.

This head cold has been kicking my butt all week, but the old me (well the new me from last month) would have found a way to exercise anyway. I didn't!

Don't worry though, I am not finished with this project. I just need to figure this out. I'm still dizzy from the sinus stuff, liquids are draining from my nose when I bow in prayer (dang you neti pot!), and I have a full-weekend class with AlMaghrib, which started tonight and is awesome so far. I cried twice which is rare, even for Free Friday.

What I will do for you dear reader is find good tweets from my classmates and paste them here with some of my notes. I can't commit to much more than that at this point.

Since I left my notebook in the car and everyone who would tweet about class is probably still getting home, praying ishaa, and eating dinner after class, I will wait until morning when there will be tweets galore. Here's a great GEM (Genuinely Enlightening Moment) for now to get you through the night:

"Your nafs (soul) is like a strong horse. The goal is not to kill it, but to tame it." -Hasan Al-Basri

This class, on tazkiya (purification) is all about using practical strategies to come closer to Allah in worship and daily life. May Allah purify our hearts and bring us closer to His mercy.

If I don't get a chance to walk over lunch tomorrow, I will make time after class. Insha Allah (God willing).

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