Tuesday, July 10, 2012

80% ain't bad.

The post title will make more sense later on but for now, I just have to say that people are fun and they make life great. There. Most of you who know me will read this and go, "Say, WHAT?? Who are you and what did you do to my cynical and socially isolated friend?" It's true that despite the fact that I talk a lot, I rarely actually want to talk to anyone (we'll leave that to the therapists to figure out).

However today there were lots of other-people-funnies, most of which didn't require me to be in the conversation. The boss's kids were at the office and totally cracking me up, making jokes about how they're so African they play catch with an eraser and other side-splitters. One of our colleagues in Ethiopia was using some hilarious broken English in an e-mail, and our Bosnian contractor screamed some super-good admonishments into the phone at one of his workers. Ok this was yesterday but it was too good to leave out. He actually used the phrase, "This isn't gypsy land. This is real land!" I can't believe I survived the laugh attack.

The theme here seems to be that I hang out with a lot of diverse people (true) and they are funny as a result (totally). This makes me seem slightly insensitive (guilty) but it's all in good fun and I love every one of these characters for their unique personalities.

We got nothin' on the East Africans, let me tell you.

The sweeping generalizations are over (for now).

I did it! I memorized the fourth of five surahs toward my before-Ramadan goal. Alhamdulillah. It was kind of an easier one (Surat Quraysh, which I posted yesterday for you) since I hear it so often, but it's still an accomplishment that I will take this opportunity to celebrate. I want to thank Allah above all; my QB and her husband; and my Arabic teachers and fellow students for helping me get this far. I know this sounds like the speech I should be making when I get all five memorized, but I do what I want.

May Allah help me fulfill this goal with one more surah and more importantly, please Him in Ramadan while improving myself at the same time.


I started off this part of the post by saying while I didn't exercise again, I did eat pretty sensibly. Then I remembered the Tater-Tot-and-Dr. Pepper-Float relapse at 3:00. And the two hot dogs for dinner (oops!). And the three (Toni, I ate a third cookie when you were in the other room. I admit it!) monster cookies for dessert. Overall it wasn't the worst day ever since I have been known to eat those kinds of things while also having a McDonald's breakfast and a full-fat lunch of some sort. Today though I did have a bagel with neufchatel cheese and plain yogurt with fresh blueberries for breakfast, then skipped lunch, so that should count for something.

Health Tip of The Day: When running off to Sonic with a friend without telling anyone at work that you're even leaving seems like the best idea ever, just do it. You need to live a little!! Breaks away from your desk are mental healthcare, and that's the truth because I just said it on the Internet. There!

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