Friday, June 22, 2012

We don't need to talk about that.

Let's not talk about how I lost another blogging week without knowing what happened. Let's gloss right over that. Good. Thanks.

Now my dear blog-ees, please know that I love you. A whole lot. I just seem to be having some trouble getting back to my routine and all these pesky things keep piling up on me. The biggest one is that the organization I work for decided to buy a building. Around the first of June. And they decided they needed to close within two weeks. I KNOW!! And THEN they decided that we need to move into it before the end of the month. OKAY.... And guess who's in charge? YUP.

This was basically me when I got the news of my new part-time job-within-a-job.

Well, we move Monday/Tuesday and despite some scares today with the phone and internet demons, I mean people, somehow things are on schedule. Alhamdulillah.

I've actually been doing a lot (relatively, compared to exercise) in this area but have pretty much neglected to tell you about it. I aim to do a better job of that soon. Real soon, since Ramadan is ONE MONTH AWAY!!! Breathe, Jessica. Just breathe. In and out. There you go.

Here's a quick list of stuff I did since I don't have much time right now to write but I just missed you so much I couldn't wait until after work. Plus I need a break. For reals.

  • I revisited Surat al-Maun and I have it DOWN. Big alhamdulillah.
  • I learned Surat al-Masad with my Quran Buddy (QB). I think I told you this but it bears repeating.
  • I attended Sh. Hatem's class on Wednesday and we talked about self-sufficiency and how to balance that with trusting Allah to provide us with everything we need. It was good stuff. 
  • My QB and I started Surah al-Feel (the Elephant) yesterday and while we didn't finish it due to our late start and interruptions including the ishaa prayer, we got three verses out of the five memorized. I am happy with that. Next up is Surat Quraysh, which is like a companion chapter with al-Feel. They go together like peas and carrots. Once we learn these last two in full, I will only have one more to go to reach my goal of 5 new surahs by Ramadan. Now that's SOMETHING. 

PLUS, I am getting a new Quran from my friend who went to NYC and dropped by the Darulsalaam bookstore. Good times!! May Allah bring me benefit from this study and help me put my knowledge into practice this Ramadan and beyond.


Not so much. I know, it's bad. It's been so hot but that's not even a real excuse because there's this stuff called air conditioning and I have it. But I did run around today and pack like a million boxes and carry stuff etc. I need to start at least walking 20 minutes at night again or something to reset my habit from before. I don't know what my physical fitness plan will be for Ramadan, but if there are any Muslims (or fitness experts/physicians) with any advice, I will take it right there in the comments section.

Health Tip of the Day: Greek yogurt. I know, everyone knows about this, it's a huge trend, and some people don't like it but if you haven't tried it please do. It's like a thick, creamy, tangy version of regular yogurt and they somehow have figured out how to make it fat free without being all sad and depressing. It has gotten me out of some serious hunger jams at work when I might have resorted to something bad at the 3:00 p.m. "feed me now or I will scream" section of the day. My favorite is Chobani but the Yoplait one isn't bad at all and they have little cups of the coconut flavor which is super-yummy.

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